What are Unboxed Perfumes, tester Perfumes and Retail Packs
Retail packs
Fragrances in their pristine factory packaging, sealed and like you'd get in any store...but far more price worthy, here on Perfume Square India
 These are 100% original testers, packed in white or brown boxes , they do not have any fancy packaging, not all of them come with caps.
Damaged Box Or Unboxed Perfumes
Though the aroma of packaging is comforting to your nose, you should watch your pocket's expression as it pays for the wrapping.
Our most prized deals, our Unboxed fragrances are undoubtedly original, new, unused and spotless....just minus the cardboard.
So if its really the frag you want, our original Unboxed bottles are the way to smell!
We Produce from Official Importers and Legit Wholesellers
Also All perfumes are 100% in Quantity , Non Leaked and Non Tempered Fragrances